Edge Fundraising was established in 1993 by Bill Edgecombe to provide Canadian schools and community groups with high quality fundraising and recognition products and services. We are proud of our highly acclaimed and popular fundraiser, our Kapow! Pops gourmet lollipops.

We have become a leader for new & unique fundraising products, as well as the traditional fundraising products. Our Kapow! Pops gourmet lollipops offer a high return, no risk and low hassle fundraising project for any school or community group. Our Fun Shaped Pasta and Smencils have been a huge success with fundraising groups across Canada

Over the years Edge Fundraising has made a commitment to student leadership in Canada. We are a dedicated sponsor and supporter of the National and Provincial Student Leadership Conferences and are actively involved in the organizing of the annual “Reaching Beyond” BC Student Leadership Seminars.

School Spirit Tattoos!
Kapow Pops!!!
Great Fundraising for Sport Teams